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Bust Through Fear, Craft Your Client-Attracting Plan,

and Build the 6-Figure Practice You Deserve



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MARCH 6th, 7th & 8th, 2024

Spend 3 short days with me and you'll gain...

✅ A proven Business Growth & Client Attraction System for generating a consistent flow of ideal clients, so your appointment book isn't empty anymore. Build a lucrative Coaching/Counseling practice from scratch!

Remove MENTAL BLOCKS like self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, and confusion over what to do. You'll experience miraculous breakthroughs going through One Belief Away™ Hypnosis experiences every day of the event!

Remove TECH OVERWHELM by learning how to set up easy, automated systems that SAVE YOU time, money, and energy, so you can focus on helping people & enjoying your life more!

This 3-Day Confidence-Building & Educational Marketing Mastery Class Is Designed To Solve The Biggest Issues That Sabotage Entrepreneurs In The 'People-Helping' Industry!

#1 - Not Having A Clear & Proven Marketing System

  • I'll Reveal A New Approach To Increase Your Income Through The Levels Of Communication

    And How To Scale Your "People-Helping" Practice To A Higher Level By Becoming An

    Innovator In Your Community

  • Get Access To My Dynamic Six-Figure Conversion Process 'PROSPECT to CLIENT' To Create Your Very Own Market-Proof Client Attraction System

    **This ALONE is Worth 12X the Value of this Mastery Class. When Implemented Correctly, You Can Confidently Land 2-10 More High-Value Clients Per Month Leveraging This Exact System**

  • Discover How to Generate and Nurture Leads While You Sleep With The Marketing Strategy Leveraged By The World's Most Successful Brands And A Content Engine Strategy...So You Never Have to Feel BLOCKED Not Knowing How To Get Clients or Income...EVER Again!

  • ​Learn How To Connect & Convert Within Your Local Community Through Social Media, Video and Attraction-Based Marketing That Gives You The "Win Before You Arrive Advantage" Even When You're Up Against Established Coaches In Your Community

  • Learn The Secrets Top Coaches Across the Nation are Using In Their Markets Right NOW To Stand Out & Win More Business. The One Belief Away™ Amplifier System Answers Your Questions and Shares Proven Strategies So You Can Skip Trial-And-Error and Apply The Most Successful Marketing & Sales Strategies In Your Market or Niche

  • Leave With A Customized 'Business Growth' Playbook By The End Of My Mastery Class Where You Will Personally Apply The Critical & Essential Elements To Your Business And Build Your Own Take Action Blueprint

#2 - Erase Overwhelm & Eliminate Self-Doubt

  • Personal Insecurities and Past Traumatic Experiences Can Poison Your Efforts. The One Belief Away™ Experiences You'll Go Through Each Day Can Remove Common Obstacles Like Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism, and The Fears of Rejection & Failure

  • Pull Back The Curtain On The Essential Mindset And Identity Shift All Therapists, Life/Wellness Coaches and Healers Need To Make That Will Establish You As The

    Go-To Local Authority

  • STOP Begging, Chasing, Cold-Calling, Hoping & Praying, Feeling Stuck Or Lost, Or Dropping Your Prices Because of A Lack of Self-Worth or Fearing People Won't Pay What You're Worth (They Will!)

  • I'll Be Pulling Back The Curtain On The Mindset Strategies That Kept My Practice Profitable For 20 Years Straight, Despite Recessions, Terrorist Attacks, and a Pandemic!

  • Get The Support You Need Or Desire From A Community of Kind, Smart, Supportive Healers Who Are Like-Minded and Headed In The Same Direction. You Don't Have To Go Through This On Your Own. We Got You!

"Tim Shurr Is Endorsed By ICONS of Personal Development!"

~John Assaraf

~Dr. Joe Vitale

~Dr. John Demartini

~Denis Waitley

“After over half a century of working in the field of personal growth, I’m totally convinced BELIEF is the stumbling block for the masses. This program will open a whole New World for you. The One Belief Away program can change your life forever. Tim Shurr is a friend of mine. He’s about to be your best friend!”

~Bob Proctor

“Tim’s reputation speaks for itself. He has helped to change thousands of people’s lives around the world. Tim has been at rock bottom and climbed his way out. He definitely knows the formula for success. That’s why I not only view him as a friend and colleague, but also as a mentor. If you are looking to tap into and release your potential, I highly recommend Tim Shurr!”

~Les Brown

Tim Shurr is a master at releasing people from limiting beliefs, and he should be your guide as well. I’ve studied with the Masters in this field, and now I’ve discovered a new Master, Tim Shurr. Truly, his OBA method will help you make profound changes in your mind that will show up as breakthroughs in your life. I was inspired by Tim, you will be too.”

~Jim Cathcart

One Belief Away is a gem. Of course I feel that way about it because I agree with all the wisdom and insights it presents. I have learned from my life as a surgeon caring for cancer patients and others, the power of the mind and beliefs. We create our future by our unconscious choices and our body believes what our mind conceives. Tim will be your valuable guide.

~Dr. Bernie Siegel

Teachers, Coaches, Physicians, Veterans, SBOs, Consultants and Entrepreneurs Love The Personal & Business Breakthroughs!

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The Transformative "Practice Amplifier" Mastery Class



SECRET #1- Reach thousands (and even millions) of people in your community with COMPELLING education, CLEAR social media messaging & online LOCAL digital marketing strategy.

SECRET #2- Leverage binge-worthy content & automations in your video & digital marketing to put you in front of your community, so leads will KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST YOU...which means they will convert into happy clients.

​​​SECRET #3- It works for ANY COACH in EVERY MARKET. Gain the most successful strategies for what's working now and get your questions answered, so you can start customizing your individual practice-growth plan. Stop re-inventing the wheel! You can replicate what's working into your own THRIVING coaching practice today.

SECRET #4- You MUST have 100% SELF-BELIEF so you can show up and take massive action each day to make your dreams come true. During our three days together, I'll help you REMOVE ANY MENTAL BLOCKS that are getting in your way. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!



Tim Shurr, MA, is the mindset coach for some of the most successful people in the world!

He's among the top Executive Mind Coaches globally with 35 years in the peak performance business, freeing people from self-sabotaging unconscious beliefs, detrimental habits, and childhood trauma.

Tim has personally facilitated over 16,000 hypnosis coaching sessions, 200+ group/corporate training workshops, and his training resources have benefitted millions.

Tim is upgrading the counseling and coaching profession with his revolutionary One Belief Away™ Method because it produces personal and professional breakthroughs faster than any other approach.

He's also written six books including Get Out of Your Way, The Power of Optimism, and One Belief Away!

Tim has accomplished just about every goal

Personal Development Entrepreneurs aspire to attain:

✅ Freeing thousands of people from anxiety and childhood trauma

✅ Founder of the revolutionary One Belief Away™ Method

✅ Reaching millions of people globally through his online videos and training

✅ Running a multi-million dollar coaching pr2 Columnactice

✅ Winning several prestigious awards for his Hypnotism and motivational speaking

✅ Helping corporate clients generate 7 and 8 figures in revenue & making the Best Places To Work List

✅ Making over 50 TV appearance on all major networks

✅ A TEDx speaker

✅ Becoming a bestselling author

✅ Founding the State Accredited Hypnotism Academy of Indiana

✅ Co-starring in the upcoming Zero Limits movie

✅ Hosting the How To Be Mesmerizing podcast

✅ Having Industry Legends endorse his work

Now Tim wants to help YOU grow your dream practice by providing the missing step-by-step path for gaining massive influence, building 100% self confidence & becoming the go-to authority in your community or niche! He's also building an Army of Healers who are the "special forces" of transformation. Perhaps you'll join us? Attending Practice Amplifier is the 1st step!


  • Over 16 Hours of Coaching - Experience High-Level Training Normally Reserved For MY One Belief Away™ Hypnotists/Coaches ($997 Value)

  • Detailed & Customizable Practice Amplifier "Take Action" PlayBook To Help Build Your Immediate Plan of Action ($297 Value)

  • One Belief Away™ Group & Individual Demonstrations Designed To Erase Your Biggest Fears & Obstacles While Massively Increasing Self-Confidence, Focus, and Motivation to Follow Through On Your New Plan (Priceless Value)​

  • Private Practice Amplifier Facebook Community - Access additional resources, videos, brainstorm & connect with coaches worldwide, and get support from Certified OBA Hypnotists!​ (Priceless Value)​

  • BONUS - FREE Event Ticket For A Friend ($297 Value)

  • BONUS - Abundance 2024 Resource Guide For Developing A Lucrative Prosperity Mindset! ($97 Value)

  • BONUS - ​Content Generators Playbook​​ For Creating Authority-Building Resources ($97 Value)

  • BONUS - My bestselling E-Book, One Belief Away! How To Train Your Brain For Prosperity & Inner Peace ($97 Value)

We All Face The Same Challenges, Yet The One's Who Succeed Simply Have A Better Plan & More Self-Belief!


  • Anxious or uncertain how you’ll pay your bills and safeguard your family while we move through the current recession?

  • Struggling to stand out or compete with a crowded marketplace of coaches and internet marketers who make it more difficult to find and enroll clients into programs that are beneficial for them and lucrative for you.

  • Working longer, more frantic days, filled with stressful hours and other people's emergencies, while you're trying to figure out how to build your biz and manage it at the same time without any effective system in place to save you time and money. Ugh!

  • Frustrated by resistant, indecisive clients who aren't valuing your expertise, your recommendations, or advice because they're convinced you're just another coach looking to make a quick sale?

  • ​Plagued by self-doubt, procrastination, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or a lack of clarity, which SABOTAGES your ability to take action makes you feel STUCK! :(


  • Filled with clarity and given a blueprint on how exactly to become the Go-To Therapist, Life Coach, Wellness Expert, or Healer in your community without begging, chasing prospects, or burning through leads

  • Confident that you are a LIMITLESS professional in a league of your own because there is no comparison when it comes to you and your competition. You've learned how to position yourself as a differentiated service professional with an unmatched value offer for your market

  • ​Armed with a SYSTEM that will allow you to regain control of your time, your money, and your business. You no longer let opportunities pass you by because instead of being buried in stress, you are building automated marketing systems and putting your success on autopilot!

  • ​​You feel confident, prepared, and capable to face the changes in the market and keep up with innovation by leveraging technology and digital marketing in your coaching/consulting practice to help you protect your future and unlock a life and business you love!

The World Needs Your Healing Talents!


Warren Buffet said, "The best protection against inflation is to invest in your skills and owning a business."

Yet, even the most talented and kind-hearted people never become self-employed success stories because they are lacking

1) self-confidence,

2) a clear marketing plan, and

3) the support of a caring and financially prosperous community.

My 3-Day program solves all of these issues and opens a door full of new possibilities and potential.

Are you ready to take a giant step towards creating your dream practice?

Or will you let another opportunity slip by because of fear or skepticism?


If I can't make it will there be a recording of the event?

Yes, there is a VIP option where you'll get full access the replay videos for the entire immersion training to view on your own schedule. BUT, it is way more effective for you to be intentional and show up live each day. You, your business, and your legacy are worth it!

Is Tim going to be teaching?

Yes, Tim will be doing the majority of the coaching and training.

How do I know if I’m ready for this?

If you’re already in the "people-helping" profession and want to see an increase in your business, this is for you. If you’re brand new and want to discover the correct ways to produce rapid personal breakthroughs for people, draw attention to your practice in ways that feel easy and enjoyable, and appear as though you are the most effective transformation coach in your community, this is for you.

If you’re looking to get amped up, you need help figuring out where to start or how to get unstuck, or you just want more clarity around how to get a steady flow of clients and income, this is for you.

My strategy works for therapists, life coaches, business consultants, and wellness experts looking for a way to stand out in their market... helpers and healers who need momentum in their business, who might be doing good but want more, and even experienced pros looking for a competitive advantage to take their success to the next level.

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